Canon 5D Mark II Sharpness Issues

Typically I don't address tech issues on my blog. It's not that I am not into tech stuff, but it just doesn't seem to fit. This one hits close to home though, being a life long Canon shooter, and generally a little skeptical about big purchases.

It's been over a year now since I bought my Canon 5D Mark II. I migrated over to the Mark II after the original version I had toted around for years decided to retire on me at an inopportune time. My first thought after shooting with this camera was that I had just pissed away $2,500. My second thought was that I could hopefully sell it and buy two of the original 5D's and maybe lose $500 or so.

The Mark II is a great feeling camera in your hand, and there were a great number of good things to say about it, but there were also some poor things to say. For me, the greatest set back was the lack of sharpness from the camera. I googled, "Canon 5D Mark II sharpness issues" and the internet gods confirmed my fears. Post after post and site after site complained about the sharpness issues.

I rented a calibration target, talked to people, scoured the web to no avail. I had bought Julia Margaret Cameron's digital camera. To say I was bummed would be an understatement. Client's want sharp photos, period.

One day, on a whim, I found the solution to my ills. Now I know you're going to post comments and flame me saying that I am nuts or that the problem can't be fixed, but for me, it has been. All I had to do was take the filters off of my lenses. Each and every one.

Without the filters on the lenses it seems that the sharpness issues have been aleviated. I'm not sure if the higher resolution of the camera's sensor is the culprit, in that it's capable of capturing more detail and therefore more optical flaws, or if it's just the placebo effect. What I do know is that my images are sharp and that's all that matters.

Take your filters off. Shoot sharp photos. Win at life.