Photo of the Day - Daikoku Futo PA

The RX7 is almost a mythical creature in the United States. You just don't see them. Well, you do see them, but not in the way you see other cars of the same era. There also mythical in that we all know someone who has had one and the stories told of it are often those of legend.

My freshman year of high school a buddy had one. A burgundy SA22 to be exact and at the time it was just awesome. In fact, when it was running, we would let all 135 oil thirsty ponies have at it in the back parking lot of our high school which made for some awesome memories.

In Japan the RX7 isn't nearly as rare, but it is still the stuff of legend. On any given day at Daikoku Futo PA you're likely to see at least one. And the one you see will likely best any of the stateside examples you've seen. Here's a whole row of them for you to enjoy.