Photo of the Day - Daikoku Futo PA

I don't think anyone who has seen Initial D could ever forget it. Not only did it bring the AE86 Toyota Corolla to the stage as a serious car in the mainstream it also legitimized delivery driving as a way to earn an honest living, which for a veteran delivery driver like myself was of greater importance. While the Corolla has long been a popular choice for tuning in Japan one could argue that it's popularity stateside was less than overwhelming before the cartoon. Now, almost everyone in car circles knows about the hachi-roku, or 86.

There always have been, of course, die hard enthusiasts who were interested in AE86 Toyota Corollas before there was ever a cartoon about them. My guess is the owner of this AE86 falls into that category. This AE86 was absolutely immaculate. As in you could eat off the floor immaculate, though the owner would likely kill you for that.

So, enjoy today's photo of the day. It's a blast from the past and a clean example that you won't likely be able to surpass.


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