"There's Nothing Worse Than a Sharp Photograph of a Fuzzy Concept" - Ansel Adams

It’s the sort of thing that happens to everyone. In your lifetime you will lose a roll of film, a digital image, or a file that you just have to have. It’s happened to me and like I said it will happen to you as well.

When it happened to me I’d been shooting for a little over 3 hours. I stopped to reload film, took my two exposed rolls out of my bag and set them aside, loaded another and was on my way. It was foolish I know, but I walked away with two rolls sitting on a bench somewhere in Japan.

When I arrived home and realized what had happened I was sickened. These were no doubt GREAT photos; my best work ever perhaps. Isn’t that the way these tragedies always go? You never lose your worst photos.

I knew immediately what had to be done: I had to go reshoot these photos. What I didn’t know at the time was that a good photo is only good once.

The following day I returned to the same locations and reshot all of the same, or similar, photos. Something became very clear to me at that time though. Although the locations were the same and the conditions were similar I was not the same. We are not who we were yesterday.

The photos I was taking were no longer “good” photos. Yes, the photos were similar to what I had shot the day before but I had changed and no longer saw them with the same enthusiasm. I was different and was no longer in the business of “seeing” photographs but rather recreating them.

Take today’s photos and don’t forget that tomorrow you will not be who you are today and that there is nothing worse than a sharp photo of a fuzzy concept.